Ultimate Custom Night Game

Ultimate Custom Night is a new Scott’s game that has been launched as a free-to-download FNAF game on Steam. The game is considered as a wonderful FNAF mashup when it contains up to 50 animatronic characters for the players to pick and customize. You will meet the famous animatronics once again in this horror adventure game. The main point of this latest spinoff version is to customize the chosen animatronics following your own way. You need to set their difficulty, ranging from level 0 to level 20. After you have set them, you can start struggling against them for your survival. Being trapped in a strange office is not a good thing at all. So, you must make good use of some given tools, like a power generator, a global music box, the heater, A/C, etc. They are all effective tools that help you fend off the wicked killer animatronics. Also, make sure you won’t forget to pick up lots of coins if you want to buy several items. The final objective of this FNAF game is to survive this custom night.

Download Ultimate Custom Night at here

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