Porkchop’s Adventure is also a cool horror fangame based on Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, it owns a completely different story and a unique cast of characters. The challenge is started at the moment you are trapped in the place you work. The elevator to the exit must be fixed one more time. While you are waiting for somebody to rescue, you do not forget to overcome an important mission.

Porkchop's Adventure

Download FNAF Porkchop’s Adventure Gamejolt free and you are able to join a cute platform game! It is called “Wonder World: A New Adventure”. It includes Porkchop the Friendly Pig in his quests to save friends before the show is launched. Give a hand to the main character and jump or dash through 3 stages carefully! You need to defeat bosses, open moves not existing before quickly. Do not let the loud noise outside the room distract you! Attempt to search for and gather missing trinkets and reveal mysteries! Keep in mind that winning it will be the best way to prevent lurking real monsters from killing you! Good luck!