FNAF World

How to play: Make your way through the world map using WASD. Click left mouse to pick animatronics, build a party, and interact with them in the battles.

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About FNAF World

FNAF World is an engaging and cute spinoff installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s series. The game is available to play on the Internet for free, and it’s a turn-based RPG game taking you to a fantasy world of Freddy and his friends. You can set up your own party by choosing your favorite animatronics. Every single animatronic has its own unique abilities that will be used to fight off the enemies. Therefore, you must use them wisely when battling against the wicked robotic gangs. Try your hardest to finish off all monsters as well as brutal creatures to earn a lot of tokens. Then, you can spend them on brand new upgrades for your animatronics. These upgrades can turn them into unbeatable warriors! You can also explore the whole Freddy’s world to uncover some mysteries. Feel free to discover the entire maps, visit lots of locations, and help your animatronics repel all enemies. Have a blast!