Five Nights at Kelaynak's

Five Nights at Kelaynak’s is one of the top horror Fnaf remakes available to play at Gamejolt. It is based on the scary story of the real original series created by Scott Cawthon. It is about a survival challenge set in a dark restaurant in the local. In which, you will be hired to watch over every device, including interactive robots. They are your enemies in FNaK and they can roam. So, you are trapped in a small office from midnight to 6 AM. During that crazy period of time, you cannot escape and you will be hunted by those killer machines.

Five Nights at Kelaynak’s Download is a free-for-all title. Therefore, it is impossible to find any help from other people. You are forced to suffer alone. Don’t worry! There are many different tools found around your room. They are effective to observe the rival’s movement or block them from entering your area. Do not let any of them jump in front of you or you will lose!

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