Chica's Party World

Chica’s Party World is a fan creation and a remake of Chica’s Party World that was released back in 2016. This FNAF fan game was made to adapt better into the new story generated by a fan. Get yourself ready for this horror adventure now! As a Detective Parker in this title, you will come to a scary restaurant to investigate a case and find out what happened there. Once you have entered the building to search for clues, you may feel creepy a bit because this place is full of mysteries and you only have a week to check it out. The main reason that makes this place scarier is animatronic robots. They can roam the building at night and willingly attack any humans. Of course, you have been targeted by them too. So now, you must protect yourself from them using your smart strategies and use your wisdom with good skills to unravel the case as fast as possible. Can you escape this place safely? Download Chica’s Party World for free now!

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